Thursday, October 09, 2014

Summer, We Hardly Knew Ye

Fall has kicked in here on the Middle Coast. The trees are looking lovely and leaving, well, leaves all over the place. The daytime temperatures are hovering in the mid-50's (F), and getting uncomfortably close to freezing at night.

Which means I'm feeling a little pressured to get all the riding in that I can before the long cold. I've acquired some warmer gear since relocating from the desert wastes, but I'm still not keen to risk using Triumph as a high-performance black ice divining rod, so once the temperatures get low enough, that will be the end of my riding season.

This weekend, I made sure to throw a splash of Sta-bil in the tank, and fill it up at the end of my ride, just in case the weather turns on me. Fingers crossed for a long fall, though.  I won't mind a bit if the snow waits until December.

"What the hell is wrong with that tree, Lucky?"
"It's just Fall, Triumph."
"Oh, right, that happens here... Hey! Does that mean I'm gonna be stuck in the garage for 6 months again?"
"Um... Look at that chubby squirrel.  Isn't he cute, Triumph?"


Chris Cope said...

"high-performance black ice divining rod" -- I love that line.

Richard M said...

I agree about the great line mentioned above.

You need one of those sidecar accessories for the next six months...

mq01 said...

triumph, holy crap, look out! theres a fire behind you!

ms m's bob, from the dry west coast, where we don't understand such things…

red said...

Maybe its time to add a cheap dual sport bike to the stable? Plenty of good riding days over winter, as long as the roads are clear.

Dar said...

I prefer to call the garage the Moto lair, sounds less boring than letting my bike sleep all winter. Beautiful picture Lucky!

Chiller tek said...

Not being able to ride for 6 months of the years must really piss you off. I know it would with me. Our winters are only down in the low 50's and can be up to low 70's so I'm loving it here in Sydney.

Canajun said...

It's been cold and wet here for the past couple of weeks but I'm still hoping for one or more of those surprising late fall days when you think summer has come back for one last blast. I'm not ready to park it just yet.

Trobairitz said...

At least you found some beautiful fall colors on your ride.

Leaves are falling here due to reduced daylight hours but our daytime temps are still warm so now big show of color yet.

The older we get we wonder if we shouldn't ride if the temperature is below our age.

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Was up at Diamond's today Lucky for the first time in quite awhile. Lots of 'traffic' though I didn't ride. Will do that tomorrow.

Don't give up yet!!

VStar Lady said...

Fall is beautiful ... just too bad it is followed by winter.

Lucky said...

Chris - Thanks!

Richard M - A sidecar would be cool, particularly if I could put a hot-chocolate maker in it.

MQ01 - Don't worry Bob, the middle coast isn't burning down! ;)

Red - That's very true, if the roads are dry there's plenty of opportunities for riding.

Dar - Thanks! I like "Moto lair".

Chiller Tek - Wow, that's perfect winter weather!

Canajun - Here's hoping! I don't mind bundling up a bit to ride, so long as the roads are in good shape. I'll be OK with it if we all have a warm Fall, though.

Trobairitz - I do love the fall colors. There's an old scandinavian saying, "There's no bad weather, just bad clothing." But, of course, if you don't have the right clothing, you're still up the creek in, uh, challenging weather.

Coop - Cool! I need to get back to Diamond's one of these days.

VStar Lady - Yeah, winter is a bear. Here's hoping this winter will be a little less brutal than last winter.