Monday, July 14, 2014

Harley-Davidson is Recalling a Whole Lot of Motorcycles

Due to a little problem with the way the front brake line is routed, Harley-Davidson is recalling 66,421 of the new 2014 touring and CVO model motorcycles.  

Apparently, the front brake line can get caught and cause the front wheel to lock up.  And, well, you can guess what happens after that.

A couple of thoughts I have on the recall:

1. I'm glad Harley-Davidson is doing the responsible thing and recalling the bikes that could have a problem.
2. I'm glad I've held off on buying a new bike this year.*
3. Holy crap, 66,421 bikes and those are just the touring models for 2014?  How many bikes altogether does Harley sell in a year? Color me impressed.

*More details to come on the new bike shopping...


RichardM said...

HD sales numbers are pretty impressive. According to the 2013 annual report

"... The global network of Harley-Davidson dealers sold 260,839 new Harley-Davidson motorcycles..."

mq01 said...

yikes on lockups! :/
shopping? oooh…fun!.. :)

Steve Johnson said...

That's in addition to the 19,597 2014 model touring bikes, and 2,886 CVO models, they recalled last December for clutch issues.

Lucky said...

RichardM - Wow, that's a lot of bikes... Thanks for the info!

MQ01 - Yes, I've had to keep my checkbook under lock and key. There are so many pretty bikes, and they all need a good home... :)

Steve - Thanks for the info. I hadn't heard about the recall in December, I'll have to check that out.

red said...

The chopper guys were right, that front brake will flip you ass over tea kettle!

Chris Cope said...

One wonders if Project Rushmore (i.e., the bikes being recalled) was a little rushed to serve as an answer to the launch of Indian.

C'est la vie. It's good H-D is making the recall and it sounds like a problem that can be fixed with a zip tie, so the actual cost to them isn't all that great.

I'm intrigued to hear of your new bike plans. Also, huge apologies for not getting a chance to meet up with you when I was in the Cities.

Lucky said...

Red - Too funny!

Chris - You've got to love problems that can be remedied w/ a zip tie.

No worries, we'll meet up the next time you're stateside.