Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Ride To Work Day Already?

I had no idea that today was Ride to Work Day until just now. I thought it was on July 15th for some reason. So... if you didn't ride to work today, you need to drive yourself on home, hop on your bike and ride it back to work.

DO IT. I'll be checking up on you.

I think this marks the 2nd time I've actually ridden to work on the official day. It may be the third, I'm not certain. Usually something comes up such as sickness, vehicular trouble, or vacations.

I didn't notice any more bikes on the road than usual, but perhaps I'll see more this afternoon. Have you noticed an unusually high number of riders in your area?


Charlie6 said...

Rode to work as usual today, not another motorcycle to be seen though....the cold rain could have something to do with it.


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Trobairitz said...

Second official Ride to Work day for me. I didn't see any additional riders compared to usual but it was raining and school/OSU is out for the year.

At least it will be a dry ride home. I usually can't bother suiting up for the 3 mile commute and it is easier running errands in the car.

RichardM said...

I rode to work but saw almost no other bikes on the road. This afternoon, there were quite a few riders parked at the local Harley/Honda/BMW dealer. Looked like they were long distance travelers based on all the gear they were carrying.

Scott said...

Cool, my first RTW! There were fewer bikes at work today and only saw a couple on the way to work. Probably had something to do with the 100 degree heat today.

No Name said...

Not in Denver- it rained all day

bluekat said...

I saw a few more, but I took the freeway, so can't say if it was more than usual. Some of them looked more like tourers than commuters, which makes riding to work a little difficult...just want to keep going on down the road.

irondad said...

Posted on my blog about my ride to work.

In the long run it's the daily riders who accomplish what we're after.