Friday, April 01, 2011

Time for the Summer Gear

Well, it's officially hot outside here in the Valley of the Sun. This morning it was 70 degrees outside at 6:15, and the high for today is supposed to be 98 degrees. Phew.

Yesterday it was 90 degrees on my ride home, and I had on a heavy Carhartt jacket. It was, to be honest, somewhat uncomfortable.

So, as I do every time the temperature starts heading for an extreme, I wondered if I really want to deal with it this year. And, like every year, the answer is, "Hell yes."

This morning I dug my Joe Rocket Phoenix out of the closet, and I suspect the Carhartt will be going back in to the closet shortly. Exciting times.


mq01 said...

ooooooh sun and warm temps, you lucky man you :)

irondad said...

And to think last weekend I was teaching a motorcycle class in the snow.

Of course, I'll think of you when our summer high is only about 80.

What happened to the Astoria move, by the way?

Lucky said...

mq01 - We're only lucky for a little while, then the weather tends towards uncomfortable for six months. But feel free to come visit, I can show you some good roads!

Irondad - In short, the housing market crashed. The move will happen, just later than expected.

Honda Future Club said...

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