Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Ride Stealthy

So, the new Zero S motorcycle is now quieter and comes with a quick recharge option - a little over two hours for a full charge.

I like the idea of zipping silently along empty roads in the middle of nowhere.

Unfortuately, with a 58 mile range, I won't be able to get to those empty roads before needing to stop and charge for two hours. Maybe if I lived somewhere else.

I'm sure the range and top speed will improve as technology advances. Until then, I'll give these guys a thumbs up, and keep riding my Triumph.

(Go ahead, crank the volume)


Troubadour said...

I have been tempted to buy an electric bike to commute back and forth to work, but then I realize that $9000 will buy a lot of gas for my Tiger. (Approx. 467 tanks of gas or 112,207 miles).
I imagine once technology advances and range improves on electric bikes then production will increase and the cost will come down. Unfortunately, if nobody buys or invests now this can't happen.

RichardM said...

This may be an item only suitable for those that have multiple bikes. If you run out of battery charge you can't just call AAA and have them bring you a gallon of watts. Though 58 miles is still much more than the average commute.

Thank you for posting this.

Judy LaParne said...

The initial cost can be a deterrent however, there are tax credits that helps it make more sense. The Brammo Empulse can go as much as 100 miles on a single charge. My EV, the Brammo Enertia has been a great commuter bike and nice to have when the gas prices keep creeping up. Also, they have made the new Enertia Plus available to owners with some great incentives to make the switch. The new technology has doubled the range of the bike and it will only get better. The instant torque makes the bike soooo much fun to ride. I am very happy with mine. A great bike for newbies, as well. No clutch or shifting!! I dont happen to be a new rider but, there are plenty of ladies that are excited to test drive mine!! FYI.. My Harley Road King gets a little jealous.