Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Apparently I've Got A Target On My Butt

I knew she was going to do something stupid. I just knew it. You know, universe, I wouldn't mind being surprised for the better now and then...

A little red Japanese coupe of some sort I'd spotted the second I let the clutch out came screaming into the intersection from the right, oblivious to the red light until it was too late to do much except scrub off some speed. I braked, hard, and was choosing my best option when I heard squealing tires behind me. I hoped it was just my back wheel, and thought "Fuck. Today?"

If you're at all anxious at this point, rest assured, my nickname is Lucky for a reason.

Somehow, the little red Japanese coupe of some sort hung the tightest right turn I've ever seen, and suddenly there was nothing but open lane ahead of me. The driver made several apologetic waves and was clearly freaking right the hell out, so I just waved as I passed her. No harm, no foul.

Which is right about when the adrenaline rush settled down and I discovered I'd braked hard enough to mash my nuts against the gas tank. Note to self - don't ever do that again.

I was quite awake for the next two miles of my ride, and good thing too, because some jackass turned left in front of me. He just stared at me with a stupid expression on his face, and got a much less friendly gesture from me than the driver of the little red coupe.

You know, I'm aware that riding has risks. I'm aware that I'm invisible on the road. But I'm not accustomed to having so many "oh shit!" moments within a couple miles.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

so I just waved as I passed her. No harm, no foul..............He just stared at me with a stupid expression on his face, and got a much less friendly gesture from me than the driver of the little red coupe.

Now your name might be Lucky, but your eyes were working and SHE got off easier than HE did. Sexist or just more understanding of the farier sex it doesn't matter she waved and he had a dumb expression.

The important part is you got home to share it with us. We are all grateful for that and I'm enjoying the chuckle.

Lady Ridesalot said...

Yikes... I hate when that happens. But your right. Seems like events (including close calls) come in packs... usually 3.

Glad your okay. You may be 10% Lucky... but your 90% observant! Kudos to you!

Anonymous said...


mq01 said...

oops, forgot to sign in, thats weird. that phew was me :-D

gael_cee said...

On any given day of riding in traffic, if I'm not almost killed at least twice I consider my self fortunate. Without a doubt shopping center parking lots are the worst by far.

Complacency is a riders worst enemy.

Glad you're okay.

Allen Madding said...

funny, two days ago I posted "note: if you cut off a motorcycle, waving doesn't fix it" on twitter :)

Glad you escaped unscathed!


Noam Sayin' said...

How many times does this happen to people?

At an intersection, turning left, light turns yellow - still traffic, then red and there's that anxious moment of wondering if the douchebag/bitch in the oncoming car is going to stop for it, or jam through the intersection.

What's the appropriate gesture. So far, all I got is 'shaking head in disgust'.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through the "Oh S***!" moments!

Lucky said...

AZ Harley Dude - Seriously, the "Oh, I totally fucked up!" vibes were coming strongly from the red car. There was no need to be rude - she knew it was a close call. Believe me, my rude-gesturin'-arm is not sexist.

Lady Ridesalot - As they say, luck favors the prepared.

mq01 - Ayup!

gael_cee - Yeah, dumbness abounds, and even more so in parking lots. It's like people forget everything in pursuit of a shorter walk to the mall...

Allen - it doesn't fix it, but there is a difference between "Oh, uh, sorry" and "Oh, geez, I'm so sorry and I need to change my pants immediately because I have a new load of gold bricks in them" waves (difference being: an ass-kickin' doesn't follow one of them...).

Noam - Well, there's the tried and true middle finger. You can point at your eyes like "hey, look around dumbass..." Or, you can do what I do and hold one hand out to the side like "what? Didn't see me?"

Chris - Thanks and me too! ;)

Noam Sayin' said...

The middle finger is tough to pull off when one hand is on the clutch and the other on the throttle. I guess my gesture is more for the driver behind me in saying, 'I tried.'

I don't know how many riders reading this blog are from the Twin Cities, but we have a real problem with inconsiderate drivers in this town. Most of them have no consideration for other drivers on the road, and quite a few of them have no business being behind the wheel of an automobile in the first place.

Meanwhile, as an update to your footgear post, I recently broke a bone in my ankle - the pointy one on the outside of the braking foot (medial malleolus, to be precise), so I'd recommend a Wolverine work boot with a steel shank. It has a firm and high top which keeps the ankle rigid, and I tend to brake with the heel more than the toe. Floor boards over foot pegs help a lot, but to get some riding in, I've jumped on the scooter more frequently.

irondad said...

"A target on your butt".

Well, you do ride bent over. Some people consider themselves "crack" shots!

Dang, my helmet strap must be too tight!