Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just For Giggles Is A Perfectly Valid Reason For Early Morning Hooliganism

Some mornings, a biker just needs to lean his motorcycle way the hell over through a left turn and see how high of an exit speed he can achieve. And some mornings, that biker also needs to lean way the hell over through a right turn and see how high of an exit speed he can achieve while staying in the rightmost lane.

Yeah, dragging a knee in office clothes isn't the best idea when you've got a morning meeting with clients, but sometimes a little extra grime and a bit of fraying that wasn't there yesterday is exactly what a rider needs to break free of existential gravity, as Gary calls it.

At the very least, it's worth a shot. There's nothing like a little dose of freedom to help you stay sane on your way in to the office.

A couple of hard turns with excessive lean certainly helped me stay awake a while longer than I would have had I ridden at a more leisurely pace this morning. Accelerating hard up the on ramp into traffic even loosened up my concrete scowl enough to let a small smile break through.

And that is why riding to work is awesome.


D. Hughes said...

I do this every now and then too. I can go a little out of my way to a not very busy cloverleaf and do a couple laps on that on my way to work.

682202 said...

It helps to clear the morning fog from the brain. If only we had some of those clover leaf's left in St Louis..

Canajun said...

I must admit that I miss those days when I actually commuted to work and could arrive with a big grin after doing exactly what you describe. It sure starts the day off well.

GPtuners said...

I think that you should put velcro patches on all your dress pants. It has that distinguished look- like leather patches on tweed jackets. Of course the bigger reason is that is makes a great place to put the knee pucks. ;)

Danny said...

I tried to beat the rain into work this morning. I didn't. Created an interesting moment for me when I entered a corner a little too quick. However after managing to keep it upright it did leave me with a big grin on my face.

Nikodelrey said...

Motorcycle Hooliganism is the best way to start the day for sure, even better than coffee. Nothing seems to clear the mind better. So whatever happened to Gary anyway?

Lucky said...

D. Hughes - A quiet cloverleaf could be a lot of fun!

682202 - A quick blast of adrenaline followed by coffee is the breakfast of champions!

Canajun - Might I recommend you resume commuting by motorcycle?

GPTuners - That's not a bad idea...

Danny - Ah, the old Pucker-Then-WAHOO! moment. Those will wake you right up.

Nikodelrey - Gary is still around causing trouble, just quietly. I suspect he lurks on some of the moto-blogs here and there.

irondad said...

After the left turn you were obligated to do the right turn. Balance must be maintained, I always say!

A state motor cop showed me a freeway clover leaf where you can turn right four times without stopping at all and get back on the freeway in the opposite direction. How cool to drag pegs in public with a police escort!