Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I look away for two seconds and this happens

Seriously? A bill requiring police to determine whether someone is legally in the United States? And, somehow, this is not going to lead to racial profiling?

The only way I can think of this bill not causing racial profiling is if police ask everyone for their papers. And I'm not comfortable with that either.

Furthermore, this law is going to cause illegal immigrants to be even more afraid to contact the police.

Here's hoping this dumb bill gets repealed quickly.


Arizona Harley Dude said...

Sorry to rain on the parade, but this is a necessary evil. I make this statement even though my job hangs in the balance.

Plus, just for the record legal immigrants are told to never leave home without their ID cards. My friend at school and her husband went through the legal process because he is a ballplayer from the Dominican Republic and was told, "If you go for a run put the card in your sock."

If the government wouldn't pander to the voting power (wonder how they get to vote)of the illegals we wouldn't need this law.

irondad said...

The ironic part is that so many people who are not in Arizona legally are so publicly protesting.

Even though requiring the police to do the determining might not be the exact answer, there seems to be a flaw that allows folks to be so brazen. Legal residents or not. Break the laws with impunity and then publicly protest when somebody threatens to enforce the laws?

Canajun said...

While I cannot comment on this particular law (I don't know all the details, and besides, not being an American it's really not my place), I will make this observation.
We in North America have long prided ourselves as being different from certain authoritarian regimes in Europe and Asia and elsewhere by not requiring our citizens to carry identity papers, and not subjecting them to arbitrary demands from people in authority to prove who they are. It falls under the umbrella of "freedom", which is the main reason so many want to come to Canada and the US - legally or not.

mq01 said...

well, hmmm, i'll say this. people like my father worked their asses off via legal means to come here; sponsorship, internship, volunteerism, esl, military dedication, the citizenship process. yrs and yrs of process. and it means the world to them when they're done. all of those that i know and love who worked soooo hard and gave up soooo much to come here and achieve the american dream are absolutely offended that people can come here illegally, not work for bennies or rights, and expect to have entitlement to it all.

plus i thought that any adult, at any time, can be asked for id. but then again maybe i just grew up too damn close to oakland, lol!

bobskoot said...


as Canajun stated, here in Canada I do not believe there is any requirement to produce identification, nor show any to anyone, unless of course you require evidence of proficiency to be able to operate motorized vehicles or other equipment.

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