Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Riding to the Cactus Fly In

Saturday morning was chilly, cloudy and grey. Perfect conditions for a ride along the back roads to Casa Grande for the 2010 Cactus Fly In.

The Cactus Fly In is an annual event at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport. All kinds of planes show up, but the event is focussed on antique airplanes. I heard about it through a strange series of events that will get their own post at a later time. Anyway, going to look at old planes seemed like a worthy reason to get out of bed on Saturday and go riding.

I wanted to do a pizza review, but Casa Grande doesn't have much in the way of local pizza. A disappointment.

But enough about that. On to the pictures!

That is one sparkly clean motor.

I just really like this photo

Pinstripes: Not just for hotrods.

Check the pirate flag flying over the Albatross.

"What are you guys up to today?"
"Sitting in these chairs we brought, maybe drinking some coffee."
"Lucky bastards."


Gary France said...

That looks like a fun day out. Nice photos too. There is something about machines, especially vehicles of all types, that brings out a sense of strength and power. No wonder we like them.

irondad said...

Just think. If you bought an Albatross, which you could secure a bike into, then you and Lady Luck could move to Astoria while keeping your jobs in Phoenix.

Aren't you glad you have friends like me to point these things out?

Lucky said...

Gary - I know what you mean about the sense of strength and power, but to be honest, I look at this stuff and think "That looks fun. That too. Oh, man, does THAT look like fun..."

irondad - What frightens me is that I had already had that thought.

Mark Spearman said...

The link will take you to the WACO fly-in in Mount Vernon, Ohio. I'm not sure, but the plane that had the pin-striping may the same plane that's in one of my photos. I know that group flies all over for meets.

I seen a WACO torn down with the skin off. It was amazing how much work is in the frames.