Monday, May 11, 2009

Don't Tell Anyone

I've been riding the Vespa ET4 to work. It kicks ass. It's still for sale, but my stable is running out of motorcycles in rideable condition.

The Triumph is still in the crappy shop, because they had to order brake pads. Seriously? At a dealership? I'm annoyed because I've had to call the shop every day in order to get a status update. Maybe I'm crazy, but I don't think it's so much to ask for a quick call to let me know they're going to have to keep the bike a while longer.

I'd be a lot happier to get that call than to find out they're keeping it when I call them to make sure it's ready as I head out the door on a sunny afternoon to go pick it up because they said it was going to be done first thing in the morning.

So, no Triumph for me until tomorrow night.

Also, Lady Luck reported that her Vespa's check engine light came on briefly during her ride home. So, it's to the shop with that one. It's due for service anyway.

That leaves carpooling, mass transit, or the ET4.

The ET4 won. It's the happiest solution for everyone involved.


bobskoot said...

Faced with your commute decisions I think I would also have chosen the ET4, or perhaps even a lowly Vino, anything to get away from mass transit.
I can't believe that they don't even carry brake pads. I'm with you on the communcations thing. If it's not going to be ready as promised, then they should initiate the call.

I guess I'm spoiled with Honda service (for the car). They call you when the car is ready. As their customer, I don't think it's too much to ask

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Mr. Motorcycle said...

That blows! I hate lack of communication! I hate waiting for my bike to be done!

Lucky said...

bobskoot - the shop we take our car to is GREAT about communication. They practically call after every turn of the wrench.

Mr. Moto - Agreed, Hell is sitting in ignorant silence while waiting for the bike's return.