Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why I Want A Macaw

I've always thought birds were pretty neat, and birds that can talk are even cooler.  I'm far from an expert, though, so if I say something stupid or wrong in this post, please forgive me (and correct me in the comments).  Recently I started reading up on "parrots" from budgies to hyacinth macaws.  

They. Are. Neat.

These birds are remarkably smart, playful and mischievous.  They like puzzles, and will take things apart just to keep themselves occupied.  And the bigger ones won't take any crap from cats.

Of course, my two cats are the primary reason I will not be getting a pet bird - at least until I can figure out a way to keep them segregated.  The bigger birds can torment a cat, and the cats can torment a littler bird.  I don't want freaked out animals in my house, so bird-acquisition is definitely on hold.

All the same, parrots tickle my fancy and I've been harassing Lady Luck about what life will be like when I get my budgie/cockatoo/macaw named "Killer."

And I think these video clips sum up why a parrot would make a great pet for me.

Sportbike loving macaw:

Harley loving macaw (mute if you don't like the song "Free Bird"):


Danny said...

I have been wanting a bird for years. However with 5 cats I doubt it will ever happen.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

O.K., at first I was looking to make some kind of smart ass comment, like "Yeah, but can you ride a parrot?" Then I saw the videos with the parrots riding motorcycles. Pretty cool.

The first video, I think the guys were more interested in having an excuse to be on YouTube than video taping the bird on the bike. I thought that bird was cool the way it perched face into the wind.

The second bird cheated. It had a windshield. Still cool though.

I have to big male cats. They would share a bird for breakfast.

Allen Madding said...

How freaking cool is that? :)

Sya said...

Heh. "Killer." I am so tempted to write out an internet acronym with plenty of exclamation marks.

Noam Sayin' said...

Keep in mind, Lucky, that those birds can live 50 or 60 years, or more. Most reputable sellers will at least ask about plans for the bird after your demise.

Of course, that opens you to another market - a bird that has outlive its human companion.

Personally, I've always wanted to get a bulldog, a black and white cat, and a canary; then set up some cameras in my house just to see if the cat will strap plungers to his feet in order to get at the bird's cage, hanging from the ceiling.

Lucky said...

Noam - if my cats had opposable thumbs, I for one would be disappointed if they DIDN'T strap suction cups to their feet in order to walk on the ceiling...

Should the bird outlive me and Lady Luck, I would of course expect it to assume control of our sinister organization and continue my world domination plans...

Anonymous said...

Birds are supposed to fly and live in trees and be wild and free and by buying a parrot macaw or any other domesticated wild bird you are only supporting the cruel trade which denies them their right to do what they are meant to do. FLY. Same goes for fish people. You should not keep them in glass tanks and feel that you are giving them a wonderful life when actually you are giving them a prison. Fish are meant to swim wherever they want and keeping them in a tank denies them that beautiful right to the few years they manage to survive. Would u rather live 20 yrs in jail or live an amazing 10 years on the road living it up in the fast lane. tell me which one would u choose? Think about what you're doing and who it's affecting instead of doing what looks and feels nice to you.

Lucky said...

Anonymous - Right back atcha!

Also, if you're going to come on here and scold me, sign your damn name.