Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The New eBay Strategy

Well, the last attempt was kind of a disaster, but at least I got an amusing story out of it.

This time around, I've listed the Vespa ET4 as a "Buy It Now/Best Offer" sale. Time will tell how well it works.

I considered running another auction, but the starting price I would need was just too high.

Next time around, I'm definitely not buying anything that needs repairs. I wound up pumping a bunch of cash into this scooter, and it's made it harder to sell - at least on eBay.

Fingers crossed for a quick, easy sale on this one. If you know anyone in the market, point them my way. This scooter is still a screaming deal.


Gymi said...

That sucks about the first bidder backing out, but at least you have a chance to make better money on it this time around. I hope you have better luck this time.

Becky said...

Good luck the second time around. I recently sold my Suzuki on Craigslist, but it took listing it two weeks in a row. I had lots of interest but only one person actually came over and looked at it. They bought it. It was alot of frustration dealing with the people who contacted me but no one was really serious. I hope you have better luck this time and get more than what you put into it.


Noam Sayin' said...

There's a courtesy everyone should learn, Becky. If you're not serious about a bike, don't bother the seller.

I recently found this one on craigslist, thought it might be nice to have if I had a spare $700 to throw around.


Stopped into a new motorcycle shop in the Warehouse district of Minneapolis, can't remember the name. Chatted with the guy for a while, but felt guilty that I was taking up the dude's time (although no one was in the store).

That, and it was a perfect day for riding in the Twin Cities.

Four hours...