Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Can't Freakin' Believe It - Part Two

...So the buyer backed out already.

I'm somewhere between relieved and extremely annoyed.

As I said before, on to the next adventure!


Chris said...

Was he concerned about the shipping? I can't figure any other reason why he'd back out. Of course, even that's not a valid reason.

irondad said...

Hmmm. Management at your place of employment needs an attitude adjustment. The buyer backed out. Hence, once avialable scooter. Perhaps a scooter with a "For sale" sign at the work parking lot? Small demo rides?

Perhaps this is The Force's way of telling you to sell the scooter to a boss!

Then again, maybe I've just had too much Hammerhead beer!

Lucky said...

Chris - She saw another scooter on ebay she liked better. It's ok, since the auction ended WAY too low.

irondad - Actually, my boss does ride... Things have improved, so I'm thinking perhaps the problem is just stress and pressure among management.