Friday, July 18, 2008

Weekend Moto Plans

I got to ride in to work again today.

I was going to ride in Lady Luck's Vespa, since it hasn't seen any action in a long time. Wouldn't you know, it's been long enough between rides that the battery is too low to start the motor.

So, I had to ride the Triumph instead. Poor me.

This weekend, I'm going to have to charge up that battery. I'm also going to get the VX800 all ready to list on eBay.

Did I tell you about the latest fiasco with that bike? UTMC brothah Wycked (who comments here on occasion), hooked me up with a sweet tool to get the troublesome bolt tightened down. It's an 8mm socket with holes he drilled in it so one can slip a hex wrench in the hole and turn the socket. I owe him a beer.

The tool worked pretty well, too. Wycked was able to get the troublesome-bolt-of-massive-annoyance tightened right up, after we took off a coolant hose that was in the way.

The problem? The bolt tightened up about 2mm away from actually holding down the piece it keeps in place.

If there hadn't been an audience, I would have thrown a complete hissy fit. I've been trying (sporadically) to deal with that stupid bolt for 6 months. The bike itself has been sitting in my garage for two years.

I dunno. Maybe this weekend I'll get up early and work on the bike a bit one last time. I can probably saw down the bolt to make it fit. Or maybe I'll just sell the freakin' thing as a project/parts bike and get my garage back.


Tinkerbell said...

Put that Vespa on a Battery charger/maintainer.
Acumen makes a darn nice one. And if it save one battery from an early death it's worth it.

Kano said...

I think you owe "Brotha Wycked" more than just a beer, -at least a half a case of the good stuff!

Lucky said...

tinkerbell - I think that is wise advice.

kano - Yeah, he's good people. One beer isn't really enough.