Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday's Too Tired To Think Links

Today I wonder if riding to work would have been a bad idea due to how tired I am, or a very good idea, due to the invigorating nature of motorcycles.

At least I've got coffee and cold pop-tarts - the breakfast of champions.

Triumph has announced their 2009 lineup. I can't decide which one I want more: the Street Triple or the Daytona 675. I should probably get the Daytona. After all, the Speed Four is a naked bike, and I don't need another one. On the other hand, the Street Triple has apparently gotten some upgrades to make it more performance-oriented. Because, y'know, it was a real dog before.

Of course, the bike I should REALLY get is a Bonneville. So easy to work on...

Secret Pedals motorcycle club is having a back to school event this weekend. Of course, the actual name of the club is "Secret Petals." I get the impression they aren't much for drunken hooliganry or terrorizing small towns.

Mr. Motorcycle wants to know just how fast you've ridden your motorcycle. In a straight line I've hit the ton once or twice. One time, on a scooter, I took a right hand turn at 40-ish and stayed in the correct lane. That was pretty darn fast, if you ask me. I haven't done it again.

Stolen motorcycle recovered! (34 years later) - This is incredible.

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