Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Funny Moto-Habits

This morning Lady Luck and I wound up behind a commuter on a KLR. He was wearing motocross armor and would have looked delightfully post-apocalyptic if it hadn't been for his clearly visible work clothes. It obviously worked for him, though, so I won't comment further on his personal style.

While I stared out of the car in my usual zombie-like commute daze, I noticed something about his behavior was a little odd. Synapses began to fire, my eyes focused, and I slowly recognized a pattern to what he was doing: he was looking into each car he passed.

For the rest of our commute along the freeway, I watched as he continued peeking into every car he rode by.

Was he looking for a friend?

Trying to pick up chicks?

I'm going to be wondering about it all day. I wonder if he even realized he was doing it.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Can you find Waldo? LOL!

mrs road captain said...

Cracking me up as usual, Lady R!!

Chris Cope said...

You know those action films where SUDDENLY a chap in a motorbike shows up and a chase ensues? He's that chap. He was looking for Bruce Willis, who has stolen military secrets.