Monday, July 28, 2008

Boss Hoss - I Just Don't Get It

There's a guy I see on my commute every so often on a Boss Hoss. I'm not going to say he's wrong to ride one of those monstrosities (as long as he's riding, I don't mind), but something about the bike itself just bugs me.

I'm not sure what it is.

But it's probably because I imagine the design process beginning with some guy writing down "Motorcycle + Chevy V8 + Real Ugly + ??? = PROFIT!"

And somehow that worked.


Lady Ridesalot said...

My hubby and I rode with a guy who just bought one last summer. When we rode up a highway with a few twisties, he had to slow way down cause he kept scraping. I don't think I would enjoy riding if I couldn't tackle some curves with a little speed. I'm like you, if you want a hot rod, buy one. If you want a motorcycle, buy one. LOL! That's the way I see it.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

It's more like a two wheeled car than a motorcycle with a car's engine.

I personally think they suck.

David said...

I think the design brief had to start with, "If you don't think the Triumph Rocket III is big enough, and the Tomahawk just scares the s*&t out of you..."

I personally can't see the point, but then again, I don't feel the need to ride a GSXR1000 either. A DL1000 is plenty of power for me.

Dave T.

mrs road captain said...

The whole idea is stupid. I mean, what are you supposed to be getting out of it? If you want speed, a quick nimble bike with 2 cylinders will do you wonders. Do you want more power? You are adding so much darn weight and size to the thing that it makes it clumsy to maneuver around, and you need more power just to support you are wasting what you've got!

Mr M, I know of very few cars these days that run on 8 cylinders, and for that matter most mid-size trucks and SUVs run on about a big honkin' monster truck!!!

Lucky said...

Thanks for the comments everybody.

To me, these bikes seems like something that should have happened once, at a bike show and then gone back into obscurity with the rest of the "Looky what I done!" novelty motorcycles, like that trike that looks like a cheeseburger.

I'd be mildly curious to see a drag race between one of these and a Hayabusa. Not curious enough to arrange such a race, but curious enough to check it out on YouTube if someone else did.

Hossv8 said...

Well folks...I've owned mine for 3 years and 50,000 miles. Its the only bike I have, and the 13th bike I've owned in 30 years. Just did a 5000 mile 2 up round trip to Banff from San Jose California and loved it. I like it because I can combine my love for hotrods and motorcycles and save money and garage space. I ride it like I did my sportbikes, all out. It has a 28 degree lean angle, no clutch and does 130mph in 1st gear, so power is instantaneous with a 3000 stall torque converter. 2nd gear is pure overdrive.

My pic was taken in Canmore Canada. There are 4000 of us around the world with these bikes and trikes and we're a tight community through our website, most of us travelling to visit our compadres around the world. Most of the owners are over 45, some in their last 70's, many are or used to be drag racers, stunt drivers, helicopter pilots, ex-military, car and bike fabricators, mechanics, businessmen or generally just show-offs, or people with high adrenaline needs. I paid 25K for for mine 1 year old and 4000 miles on the clock. There is no dealer near me, so I have to fix my own. I upgraded to a 385 GM HotCAM, added NOS, straight through Sanderson headers, no mufflers causing instant grin when I fire the bike up and your hear that low Chevy hot small block idle.

We have over 100 owners in Europe, several in Australia, some in new Zealand, indonesia, singapore, japan etc. We just had our first rally in Canada, on our 4th in Germany, 8th in Tennesse at the factory and the V8 community is growing, despite gas prices. I get 25mpg on mine at 80mph in overdrive. The power is addictive, which is why there are 502s, 606, 632s and with NOS, some 1100Hp bikes. Latest factory models are 3 inches shorter, 3 inches lower, LS2 crate motors, fuel injected and weigh 1000 pounds. They're not better than any other bikes, just appeal to folks with gasoline in their veins and who are severely mental. Enjoy whatever you ride, for whatever reason and keep the rubber down.

Lucky said...

hossV8 - Thanks for stopping in and giving the other point of view! I figure these bikes are for the people who they are for, and no one else. ;) They aren't my cup of tea, but I don't really care what other people ride as long as they actually ride.

Hossv8 said...


Yep, even us in the V8 community dont get why some spend the $$$ they do on the high end bikes

example $160,000 for the Viper bike

or over $100,000 custom builds by Mountain Boss Hoss

Anyhow...its all about how much money you have and what you're into isnt it...even if I was worth 300 million, I dont see the value and I own and love these machines!