Monday, June 16, 2008

Who Turned the Heater On?

Well, it's getting up over 110 degrees here in the desert. This morning I passed a thermometer which informed me it was 89 degrees out, at 6:45am. That's just great.

Anyway, I got a long head-clearing (and pore-clearing) ride in this weekend. I didn't see too many riders out there, so I guess it's too hot for everyone now. Wussies.

Well, I've got some good posts coming up this week, with photos and everything. Of course, today, you get a batch of amusing links.

Big Dog Motorcycles is offering an "Economic Stimulus" package. Apparently the Big Dog economy needs some stimulation...

Transformers 2 ought to have some sweet motorcycles in it. That isn't going to be enough to get me to go see it, though.

No motorcycles at the 2012 Olympics? Well, I won't be going to that either. The nerve! I'm not even going to watch them on TV, just on principle. Never mind that I wasn't going to watch anyway... [Don't bother clicking the "More" link. Also, can anyone confirm or deny this?]

This article requires no commentary from me. Well, except for the bit about there being too many bugs to ride. Wear a proper helmet, tough guy, and your face won't get hit by bugs.

Salem, MA, getting witchy about loud pipes. Sorry, I couldn't resist the bad, mainstream-media-obvious pun. I like the part where most of the citations given during the crackdown were for loud stereos and cars, NOT motorcycles.

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