Monday, October 08, 2007

Riding to Work... on a Saturday?

One of the problems with working as a salaried code-monkey (apart from having to live with being a code-monkey) is the ever-present possibility of computer related trouble on weekends.

For the last year, this hasn't been an issue, and I can count on one hand the times I've had to stay late. Truly, I have a great gig.

All the same, things go wrong eventually. This weekend, things went wrong.

It wasn't a huge issue, and I really should have been able to take care of it from home. Except, for some reason, I couldn't. As an experienced programmer I can tell you, computers suck.

So, I had to go in to the office. The weather was friggin' glorious! Apparently we're having "unseasonably cold" weather. Elsewhere in this great nation, that sucks. Here in Phoenix, it's like Plowfest came early.

Due to the glorious weather, low level of traffic, and the high spirits that tend to accompany such conditions, it was hard to behave. I hear that the police tend to notice more if one is piloting the only vehicle on the road at twenty five miles per hour over the speed limit. I had to constantly check and lower my speed on the freeway.

Now, unlike most mega-metropolises, downtown Phoenix is entirely dead on weekend. It was just me, the Triumph and a lot of stoplights on the city streets Saturday afternoon. The stoplights, of course, provided ample opportunities for hard acceleration.

Hard acceleration usually leads to excessive speed on a vehicle that can hit 60 mph in 4.5 seconds from a dead stop. Oops.

Anyway, I resolved the situation at the office with a quickness, and did my best to ride at a sedate and prudent speed on my way home.

I'm sure you all know how that turned out.


Lehman's Greg said...

I suppose you get to ride year round! Here in North East Ohio, that is not the case. Also as a fellow "code-monkey" I feel your pain - big time and agree computers suck

Kano said...

I hope you at least got some pizza out of the deal!