Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This is Phase One

Some of you might recall my grand scheme to start a business selling motorcycles on eBay.

Well, I've started selling stuff on eBay. Right now, I've got a National Cycle F-16 windscreen listed. As of right now, it's almost free. It'll fit a Suzuki VX800, Honda 919 or Nighthawk, and presumably a host of other metric standards.

So, help me out, and go bid on my auction here.


xtian said...

I don't know if this can help, but I've been thinking about the concept of bike/car shop... and how they trick you.
there is always at least ONE killer object, something that makes you go "WOW!!" when you look at the display of cars/bike, when each car:bike taken one by one on itself isn't worth much.

in the end, you see that killer machII mustang and that to die for corvette stingray, and you buy a buick regal, or you see the limited edition ducati, the incredible bimota nobody will ever buy because it's so expensive, and you buy a cheap cb750, but at least, it comes from that very cool shop with the ducati (almost as if you took some of that bimota with you with the junker you bought).
good luck

Greg said...

I have not had a lot of luck selling things on eBay, I am sure it is just me.