Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wrenching Already?

No, not on the bikes. For a change.

The battery in our 4-wheeled conveyance chose tonight to gasp and die. Damn cars. Anyway, Lady Luck had school tonight, so she took the scooter. That left me with a non-running car, and a motorcycle ill-equipped to carry a car batter. If I'd had the scooter, it would have been no problem: bungee the battery to the luggage rack and away we go.

I wound up borrowing a friend's car. Weak, yes, but I didn't care to put the battery in a backpack and ride over to Sears.

Anyway, the battery was still under warranty, so I exchanged it, got home and put the new one in. Woo hoo.

As I was tightening the bolts on the battery contacts, I marvelled at how repairs and vehicular expenses seem to come in waves. The Vespa needed a new rear tire a couple weeks ago, the Triumph needed everything it needed, plus the tabs are about to expire (just got the note from the MVD), and now the car needs love too.

Good thing our cats are pretty self-reliant (knock on wood).


Tinker said...

We call this phenomenom the CRISIS OF THE MONTH club. In which a Whole BUNCH of things come all at once, and then are reduced to a steady stream, like signing up for the record of the month club and getting 11 free records (all at one time) and having to pay for 1 a month.

Sounds familiar. Good luck!

Lucky said...

Say, that's catchy. I'm going to use that term all the time now.