Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh, Now I Get It.

More often than I care to admit, I'll see a new design/hear some new music/otherwise encounter something new to me and not like it one bit.

In fact, when I first heard the band Clutch, I really didn't like them. Now they're my favorite band. A similar thing happened with Type O Negative, though I'm still fairly selective about which songs of theirs I like...

Several years ago, this little company in New Orleans called Confederate started building motorcycles. One model in particular, the Wraith, struck me as astoundingly ugly. Just incredibly, hideously ugly. The kind of ugly that needs to be hid under a heavy blanket and locked up in the cellar, if you can dig it.

Except, very recently, someone pointed out that the bike has a very retro design - almost like a modern board track racer.

And now I totally dig it and think it's a pretty sweet-looking bike. I think it might look nice in the garage next to the Triumph.

Frank Zappa said (basically) that anything can be art when you put a frame around it. A lot of times, I need someone to point out the frame for me and then I get it. It makes me wonder how many other people are walking around, absolutely despising something because they don't see the frame. And it makes me wonder how many frames I've missed.

Sometimes, the beholder's eye just needs an explanation.


Gary said...

Lucky, you just made the "Steampunk" leap, that's all.

Am I right?

Ride well,

Michelle said...

Yeah but just because something is art doesn't mean it's automatically good art.

Lucky said...

Gary - Well, in this case, yes.

As with everyone else in the world right now, I've gotten into the steampunk thing and just recently saw the Wraith again with my new enlightened eyes.

Now if only I could find a way to cross steampunk and psychobilly... Slap bass, top hats and cuffed jeans, hell yeah!

Michelle - But similarly, just because I don't like it doesn't mean it isn't good art. And vice versa - I mean, I think Ronnie James Dio rocks (and did before Tenacious D wrote a song about it).

Michelle said...

True. True.

There really is no black and white.

Steven said...

true, true. I used to really dislike The Grateful Dead for years and years, but a while back I actually took some time to listen. Now I realize the music's great... it was just the annoyance of the fans tromping all over our town every year when their concert was held here that was tainting my perception. I let that keep me from listening to some really good tunes - and maybe actually going to one of those concerts - and now I'm bummed that I missed ever seeing Jerry when he was alive.

gael_cee said...

I think the bikes by Confederate are pretty cool looking but Im not too sure about whether they're art.

Hey I was wondering about your list of what you think a real biker is. Do you just dislike anyone that rides a Harley or did someone riding one fail to wave back when you were riding the Vespa or what?

Lucky said...

steven - funny how fans of a band can reflect poorly on the band. I'm not a big Dead fan, but that's just because my tastes tend towards the loud and fast.

gael_cee - I never dislike someone just because they ride a Harley. I know there are a lot of great guys on Harleys, and I've met plenty of them.

I have a special disdain, however, for guys who like to play dress-up biker on the weekends. Harley has done a brilliant job of promoting their brand and image. So much so that some people think that by showing up on a softail wearing chaps, they're "a breed apart." A weenus is a weenus.

That said, for some riders, a Harley is everything they want in a motorcycle, and they ride the hell out of them. More power to 'em, I say! These guys are the ones who'll wave back even if you're on pink Honda Spree.

Surly said...

First time I heard "Shogun named Marcus" I was thinking what the hell is this crap? Sounds like Helmet and I hate Helmet. Now I listen to Transnational Speedway all the time.
You can call me Sensei \m/