Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Well, That Probably Isn't Good

I got up the motivation tonight to go out to the garage and start fiddling with the VX800 again. As I mentioned before, I need to take the radiator off in order to really get to the rounded bolt on my valve cover.

So, I removed all the necessary bolts from the radiator, and then went to drain it.

Nothing came out. Well, maybe one drop escaped. Otherwise, nothing.

That explains why the fan and temp light weren't working.


irondad said...

You need to start a new blog, it seems. "High and Dry in Phoenix: The life of a long-suffering VX800."


"One hot bike!"

Lucky said...

Funny you'd mention a blog just for the VX. According to the way-back machine, I considered something along those lines way back here