Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Me Thinks

Just an assortment of small thoughts and observations today.

  • I've been riding the Vespa to work this week. I always forget that the Vespa demands a different riding style than the Triumph. On the freeway, if I'm stuck behind a slow driver, I have to remember to just kick back and enjoy the mellow ride. When riding the Triumph, on the other hand, I just have to kick it in to a lower gear (or not) and enjoy passing that slowbie.
  • Lady Luck hasn't decided on a name for the Vespa yet, but in my mind I've been calling it The Magic Chair.
  • Today, I made one of the local crazy people very uncomfortable by accident. I thought he'd said something to me, so I asked "What's that?" He twitched a bit and said "I didn't say anything to you. Are you dreaming?" and a bunch of other stuff under his breath. He's probably afraid of my new haircut.
  • By the way, did I mention my new haircut? I took a cue from Surly and chopped all that hair right the hell off. I haven't gone all the way to skin yet (I want to let my scalp get used to the idea of air and sun first), but I'm going to. The reason for this is: I realized that hairless people are frequently the movers and shakers. Think about it: Ming the Merciless, Lex Luthor, Daddy Warbucks, Dr. Steel... Whether you like their goals or not, you have to admit that they get shit done. Why? Because people respect the genius with the chrome dome. No one respects the hippy.
  • Short hair feels great in a helmet.


gary said...

... Not to mention Hunter Thompson and my own bad bald self. Welcome to the club, Lucky!

Ride well,

gary said...

- Forgot to mention: Now you will know what they mean when they say, "Cooler heads prevail".

Chris Cope said...

If your hair is thinning, this is the only way forward. There is nothing more lame than weak attempts to hide one's balding.

Lucky said...

Well, as of yet, I'm not balding. This was a voluntary and optional hair removal.

So who knows, after this summer I might decide to style my hair as a pompadour (note to self - how does one keep grease off the liner of a helmet?) and start rolling my jeans.

Surly said...

For the record - never having helmet hair rules.
Getting Brylcream in your helmet blows.
I roll my jeans all the time and take shit for it all the time. DO NOT DO THIS ON A BIKE. I almost went ass over teakettle getting a cuff caught on a footpeg (or shift/brake lever, I forget). I learned this the hard way. When you're walking cuffs are boss, man. When you're riding, roll those fuckers down.