Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucky and the Blustery Day

Once there was an amiable biker named Lucky. He lived in the Sonoran desert and loved riding his motorcycle every day. He rode in the heat and the cold and the rain and the shine, and usually sang a merry moto-tune to himself as he rode.

As Lucky was getting ready to leave his job one day, he heard the wind howling and plastic cups, leaves and other small urban items bouncing off the window near his office. His phone rang shortly after that. His beloved wife Lady Luck had called to tell him that a dust storm was blowing in, and he should leave as soon as he could!

Well, Lucky got into his riding gear and left his office right away. The wind tried to slam the door shut on him before he had even opened it all the way!

"Oh my!" Lucky tried to say, except his mouth was quickly filled with nasty street grime, dust, and things he'd rather not think about.

The sky was a sickly yellow color as he walked to his motorcycle. The wind tried to yank his helmet and gloves right out of his hands, but he held on to them very tightly.

He got to the parking garage, and there was his motorcycle, waiting patiently for him just where he'd left it.

"Let's go!" Lucky cried to his motorcycle, as he thumbed the starter button. The motor started, and away he rode!

Plastic bags and pieces of trees blew all around him as he rolled along the nearly deserted streets of downtown Phoenix. Now and then the wind blew so hard he thought his motorcycle was going to get sucked right out from under him!

The sky got darker, the wind got colder, and Lucky felt a few cold drops of rain sneaking through the spaces in his jacket.

The wind must have been too strong for the rain, though, because it blew away too.

Lucky had to be very careful as he rode, because all the dumb cars who live on the streets just outside of central Phoenix didn't know what to do when it was windy. Some of them thought they needed to park in the middle of the road, while others roared past him at great speed, as if they could outrun the weather. Since the poor, dumb cars were so confused, several of them ran into each other and got battered and bruised.

As Lucky got closer to home, he realized there was a huge herd of cars stopped in front of him. He had to slow way, way down to keep from running into them. A traffic signal had gone out (Phoenix falls apart when the weather isn't just sunny), and the dumb cars didn't know what to do!

Fortunately, two of the local car shepherds was in the middle of the intersection, and they told the cars when they could go, and when they couldn't. The cars were pretty confused, but they slowly followed the shepherds' instructions.

Lucky had almost gotten home when he ran into another huge herd of the dumb cars.

"Where do all these dumb cars come from?" Lucky asked his motorcycle. The motorcycle didn't know, so it didn't say anything and just purred underneath him instead. Lucky had to wait and wait and wait for the herd to start moving again. All the while, the wind was blowing, and Lucky had to pay close attention to make sure he didn't get blown over.

"Crazy wind," he said to himself.

He finally got home, and when he opened the door to the motorcycle's house, all the paper and small boxes inside blew all around! Lucky hurried to help the motorcycle inside, and then shut the door. He looked around at all the stuff the wind had strewn around inside the motorcycle's house.

"What a mess!" Lucky said.

Then Lucky went into his own house, and Lady Luck was very happy to see him. She had been worried about him, since it was such a blustery day.

The end.


Charlie6 said...
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Charlie6 said...

Your telling of this windy commute kind of reminded me of some of the bedtime stories I read to my kids....nice job, glad you got home safe.

Combatscoot said...

Kinda' reminds me of the "see Spot run" stories. Glad you made it safely.

Zizikos said...

Great story!

Steve Williams said...

When I started reading the post I was thinking a limerick was coming...

There once was a rider named Lucky...

Great story!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

gael_cee said...

Did Lucky consume an adult beverage very shortly upon arriving home?

bikerchick said...

Like your story.I am a rider, my name is Lucky. : D Check out my Lucky stories on my blog