Monday, April 02, 2007

At Least the Bikes Are OK.

The last 24 hours have seen me:

  • Lose my trendy digital music listening device
  • Fall down the stairs and sprain my ankle
  • Go to bed two hours later than usual because we needed to do massive rearranging and cleaning of our house.
  • Wake up two hours early because one of the cats managed to reset our alarm clock. Really. Didn't notice until I started to wonder why it was still so dark out.
  • Trip and fall into our screen door, twisting my other ankle (luckily A-OK there) and shredding the palms of my hands

This morning I took the scooter in to work ( I can't really shift with a sprained ankle...). I was extra-cautious because, hey, my luck hasn't been too great so far today.

So, good news - scooters are fun!

Bad news - my Triumph is getting jealous and my ankle hurts.


Wolfie said...

I swear I don't know who cursed you. I SWEAR.

Biker babe22 said...

I swear I know who hurted you. I SWEAR! I will tell you after you visit my blog LOL.

gary said...

Bad Times all around, Lucky.

I awoke yesterday with a 103°F temperature, coughs and chills.

Today's forecast calls for 1-3 inches of snow.

No, you don't miss Minnesota.

Ride well,

Lucky said...

Well, Gary, sounds like you've got it worse. I can't imagine, with your new-found sense of winter mortality, you've been out riding. And nobody rides with a high fever.

Not being able to ride is the worst.

biker babe22 - I wasn't able to see your blog without registering.

Wolfie - I'll figure it out soon enough...