Friday, March 30, 2007

Interesting People, the Sequel!

Apparently last night Lady Luck met up with the same interesting biker that I described in yesterday's post.

I wonder which of us will see him tonight!


I forget... said...


Sorry, couldn't resist! >;^)

I have made some creative sign language towards automotive aggressors in my time, but it never occurred to me to hump my motorbike. Was he warning them off, or flirting?

Either way, we need to keep the auto-drones creeped-out, or they will take us for speed-bumps.

I don't buy in to the whole "Be a nice motorcycle ambassador." school of thought. That just makes us suckers with two less wheels and two-tons less weight. Fuck that.

I'm a forward-moving, forward-thinking machine! Get the eff out of my way, or pay the price!

Yeah! I can't do this over on my site. Thanks for the outlet here, Lucky.

Oh, and...

Ride well,

Combatscoot said...

Only you and Gary get such interesting ones, but I suppose my time is coming...
I remember meeting some very interesting bicycle riders when I lived in Sacramento, but many of them were just bums.