Friday, March 23, 2007

Wasn't It Just Bike Week a Month Ago?

Apparently, Arizona Bike Week starts Sunday. Here's an article about the dumbosity.

I laughed out loud at the quote "You don't see many of those people riding $80,000 motorcycles." Of course, I was laughing because you don't even see the people who do own $80,000 motorcycles riding them. You might see them standing in the general vicinity of their bikes, now and then.


If there's a biker-slut nearby.

In honor of bike week, I plan to spend my free time for the next seven days getting my VX800 running again.

Oh, and I'll probably go out and hit some twisties. I don't need to worry about the slowbies out riding them, after all. They'll be too busy comparing decorative fringe-length and relative manliness with their chaps-clad dentist.


Bill Sommers said...

You don't want to go just to laugh at the Motor Factory clad, too rich to ride elite?

I wouldn't either. Have fun on the twisties.


Anonymous said...

Have fun with your motorcycle and the twities. And why does those who own $80,000 motorcycles don't ride their bike? maybe they don't want to brake it...

Combatscoot said...

Hey, it's POSERIFIC! I think I'll don my Biker Board-approved leather uniform and ride, er, trailer on over!

gary said...

Dude, this is SO what we are NOT ABOUT.

But they have their own culture now, and the REAL bikers have been relegated to the shadows, or else they have whored themselves out to the bad-ass brokers and producers who make chopper shows for TV.

Shit, I had a press-pass lined up for the Donny Smith Chopper Show here in the Twin Cities today. But when the weather turned gorgeous, I decided to ride instead of hanging out with all the moto-journo poseurs at the Excel Center. Nobody actually RODE to that show anyway...

Ride well,