Thursday, March 22, 2007

Absolutely Amazing Rain Suit

A few months ago I bought a MotoBoss rainsuit when it was on sale. Cruddy leg zippers aside, this suit is incredible.

Any time I wear this suit, it doesn't rain! It's unbelievable! This morning, the sky was threatening, I could see lightning in the distance, and it smelled like rain. Yet somehow this suit repelled every drop of moisture - not just for me, but for everyone within a half-mile radius of me.

Truly, the five minute struggle to get into the rainsuit paid off.

MotoBoss, how do you do it?


Zizikos said...

I want one!

Combatscoot said...

Ha, ha! I used-to wear one of those crappy one-piece coverall-type suits through the winter just for that reason! Worked, most of the time.

Big Cab Daddy said...

Hmm... so where is the link to this amazing suit?

Biker Betty said...

Gee, mine works the opposite. I even got caught in hail with it, ouch. It is darn hard to get those things on, especially when it's raining, lol. Next time I will have to get one like yours.

Lucky said...

big cab daddy - I think it's this one: