Monday, March 12, 2007

Great Post TOMORROW.

I've got a fantastic post almost ready for my snow-bound fans. I'll post it later tonight, or sometime tomorrow.

In the meantime, here's some random stuff.

Markus suggested a pizza parlour for me to hit the next time I'm in Detroit. To quote:

"Clover Bar- Grand Haven, Mi
The pizza was freaking fantastic!
5 Crying Luckies! (for personal preference of thin-style pizza)
Thin crust style, wonderful cheeses and meats.
Weird that it's named "Bar"...cause the
place is a decent sized restaurant, with only a small-ish 12ft bar.
My G/f’s father has ordered pickup there every Thursday for the last 30+ years….same pizza, same night, same time every week. They even still charge him the price from 30 yrs ago!! I snapped a pic of one of their logo-napkins for ya."

So, another push pin stuck in my tour-map. Thanks for the suggestion, Markus.
I'm sure one or two of you are mildly interested in my opinion of the Michelin Pilot Roads I just put on the Triumph (or you're bored enough at work that you'll read anything. Either way is good for me.).
The first thing I've noticed is how stable the Michelins are compared to the original Bridgestones I had on the bike. The Bridgestones were extremely sensitive - twitchy, even. With the Pilot Roads, every movement is VERY deliberate.
I haven't gotten a chance to really thrash them yet (I've only had them for 150 miles or so, and most of that is my commute), but I anticipate that they'll feel pretty secure when I've got the bike leaned over. I'm more interested to find out how they feel when flicking the bike hard from side to side.
That's it for now.


xtian said...

you probably don't care where you live, but I find the pilot road extreemly slow to go up in temperatures and extremly slipery on white lines (or are they yellow?) and sensitive to lines in the road.
i think I'll change to bt21 next time

Combatscoot said...

I found the Pilot Roads to be very nice, maybe a little more effort to turn-in than the Sports, but no cupping and definitely last longer. Great wet traction. I put on a set of Conti Attacks afterward and found them to be similar in every way at a slightly lower price.