Friday, October 27, 2006

Yes, I am that cool.

Today I'd like to tell you about 30 seconds of supreme dorkness on my part.

Near my house is an intersection with ridiculously long red lights, paired with absurdly short turn lane signals. On a given stoplight cycle, 4 cars out of about 16 can make their left turn before the light changes. This is annoying.

As such, I try to get into that intersection as quickly as I can, ensuring my passage and sometimes that of the guy behind me.

On my way home tonight, I waited impatiently for the lights to go through their routine so I could make my freakin' left turn. I finally got my arrow, and promptly killed the motor.

Because I left the bike in second gear.

In my rush to get moving, I vigorously pressed the starter button and heard the Triumph's adorable little horn. Ugh. Right idea, wrong hand. Thoroughly flustered (and still in second gear), I hit the starter button for real, and try to take off.

Of course, the Triumph was not happy about this. I gave the throttle a healthy twist and rocketed through the interesection, feet off the pegs, wondering if today would be the day I stupidly crashed my pretty new bike.

Fortunately, I got things under control, got my feet back on the pegs, and was very relieved to find I had not soiled myself. The rest of the ride home was uneventful, although I was rather embarassed.

And those, my good friends, were the stupidest 30 seconds of my day.

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Raff said...

OMG dood I do stupid things like that sometimes. I hate left turns, waaaay to many dangerous possiblities like stalling in the middle of the turn, or not enough power on the turn so you take either a wider turn aaaaaaargh or some gravel and splat there you go. haha luckily I haven't had a bad left turn issue other than I almost ate the pavement but I was able to put my foot down since my bike is so small haha.

Nice to see you are ok man.