Monday, August 21, 2006

And A Dumb Time Was Had By All

Lady Luck and I went to Rocky Point in Mexico this weekend. We had a reasonably good time. We rolled into Rocky Point at about 8:30pm on Friday night, had a couple of warm-up drinks and then hit the bars.

Rocky Point is primarily a place for affluent-in-comparison Americans to get trashed, misbehave, and generally have a minimally threatening, low-budget good time.

Personally, I'm not a party person. I like to have a few drinks in a dark corner of a quiet bar and that's about it. As such, there are a number of things that I haven't experienced before. One of these is the "foam party." For those of you not in the know, once everyone in your group is good and thoroughly lit, you all go to a club with a foam machine and get all covered in baby shampoo foam and dance. Definitely an experience best saved until you're drunk enough to think that getting covered in soap and dancing to awful music would be fun.

Incidentally, once you're that drunk, it is fun.

Saturday we bummed around town, sat on the beach, and had a terrible lunch. One of our chums got the stereo stolen from his truck, and someone actually came up to the house and swiped $100 from another friend's purse. I also discovered the doors on our Mustang were unlocked. Odd, I always lock those. There was nothing in the car to steal though.

That night we went on a "Booze Cruise," which is a 3 hour floating keg party with a couple hundred of your previously-unknown friends. Hilarity ensued, as you might expect on a boat full of drunks. Some guys actually had a "dance-off," straight out of "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo." Some lady got barfed on from the upper deck. She was pissed!

Then on Sunday morning we woke up and learned that our car had been broken into the stupid way. Unlike all the other cars in the lot (everyone got broken into) that had a window busted out, they knifed the convertible top of our car in two places. They stole a folder of cds, including my Canasta cd, and a porcelin frog Lady Luck bought.

Getting our stuff stolen sucks, but what really sucks is that now we have to find a place to get our top repaired. Why couldn't they just break the damn window? Getting a window replaced is easy and we'd get a box of steaks too! That would almost make up for the stuff that got stolen.

Anyway, all our cars got broken into, just about everyone had something stolen and for the most part the food wasn't good (there was one taco stand with great food, though). Personally, I don't think it was enough fun to make all the hassle worthwhile. I could have gotten drunk and ripped off in San Diego or Las Vegas, and not had to deal with crossing the border.


Der_General said...

Arrrrgh, that sucks. I had a Jeep for years and I just left it unlocked - I knew that the cost of replacing a slashed top was far more than the value of anything I had inside.

"A box of steaks"? Am I missing something?

Lucky said...

Arizona (last I noticed) is one of the few states where glass repair places are allowed to give out gifts to their customers. So, you have a particular place replace your glass, and they give you a box of steaks (traditionally. Some places have modernized.).

The reason it's not allowed in most places is because insurance companies don't like paying for steaks.

We were definitely wishing we'd have just left the car unlocked.

Der_General said...

So, you have a particular place replace your glass, and they give you a box of steaks

That's kickass - I had a windshield replaced last year and all I got was a hefty bill...

Surly said...

Pisser about the theft and the poor grub. I was wondering about the steaks as well. A new one on me.