Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fratelli Pizza Review - Mostly Official!

Ok Ok, so I didn't actually ride to Fratelli Pizza. They are, however, more than two hours away from my house, so I think that counts for something. Anyways, on with the review! In case you don't remember, the rating system is 1 - 5 Crying Luckies, as in "how upset was Lucky when the pizza was gone?"

The Place: Fratelli Pizza, 2120 N 4th St, Flagstaff, AZ 86004, (928) 714-9700

We found Fratelli Pizza when looking for a good base for our New Year's Eve debauchery. According to the phone book, they have won the best of Flagstaff several times.

The Posse: Me and Lady Luck

The Ride: Yeah, yeah, we were in the car. We were damn close to Route 66 (or perhaps on it), does that count for something?

The Pie: Naturally, we got the Works pizza. It was a mighty fine pie.

Toppings: Great cheese, great pepperoni, great sausage, no complaints here. 5 Crying Luckies.

Sauce: Savory, not too heavy, somewhat spicy... Good good good, 4 Crying Luckies

Crust: Hot damn, one fine topping conveyance. 4 Crying Luckies

Ambience: Although they had many, many TV sets, most of them were off. I was really glad about that. The music playing started out great, but then Don Henley came on the stereo and kind of spoiled it. I don't know if that was their fault or perhaps satellite radio's. The staff were fantastic and overall I have to say I'd be happy to go back. 4 Crying Luckies

Overall: 4. 5 Crying Luckies - I keep trying to think of something bad to say, and I really can't. While it isn't the greatest pizza I've ever had, it's by far the best pizza I've had in Flagstaff, so they certainly deserve the awards they've received. If you happen to be cruising along Route 66 in Flagstaff, you should stop in, have a slice, and tell them Lucky sent you. Then, when they look at you like "who the hell is Lucky?" just act like you're shocked they don't know.

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