Thursday, January 05, 2006

Don't forget to have fun.

As you regular readers have figured out, the last month or so has kind of been a drag. The last 5 days have been extra bad. In fact, they were so bad that riding stopped being fun.

I wasn't having fun riding my motorcycle. Try to wrap your melon around that.

Today was the first day this week where I got my jollies on the ride home again. It felt damn good carving up the freeway today, and I'm looking forward to a killer ride this weekend. Lady Luck tells me of a fabulous road someone at her office mentioned. Exploration is required, footpegs will be scraped, and grins shall not leave my face.

...And with any luck, pizza will be reviewed.


red said...

what, may I ask, caused you to ride without enjoyment? what foul monster sucked the joy from your soul, even for a short time?

Lucky said...

Well, you have to understand that I thought I was going to get sacked for sure. While the loss of my job isn't that big of a deal, the overwhelming dread at having to find a new job, explain that I got canned over a smart-assed comment, and worry about how to afford food for the next couple of weeks (Christmas was a little expensive this year)....

Well, I wasn't feeling very good. I didn't really enjoy anything. I'm better now.