Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Alphabet According to Me.

I thought I'd try something different today. Without further ado, I'd like to present "The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour Alphabet"

A is for Asshat - Pretty much anyone on the road who isn't me.

B is for Beer - A lovely way to end a day of riding.

C is for Cop - Avoid them when you can, try not to be a dick when you can't.

D is for Dirt - A substance I am well-acquainted with.

E is for Engine - An endless source of fun

F is for Fucking SUV - Seriously, fuck SUVs.

G is for the Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour - The best blog on the web. Tell your friends!

H is for High Octane - It's just fun to say.

I is for Insurance - Sometimes a wrench can "adjust" more than one kind of nut.

J is for Jap Bike - Two wheels, motor in between and a bar to hang on to DO, in fact, make a "real motorcycle".

K is for Kickstarter - A device I probably only miss because I forgot what a pain they are.

L is for Lid - A great tool for catching lunch, also protects your skull in case of impact.

M is for Motorcycle. A vehicle to conquer the world. Also the 2nd most fun thing a person can do.

N is for New Zealand - Where I really, really want to go ride.

O is for "Oh Shit!" - A handy phrase when there are asshats trying to use you as part of their plan to break the laws of physics.

P is for Pizza - It's what's for dinner, not to mention the driving force behind this blog.

Q is for Quest - Such as the Quest to Find the Perfect Slice.

R is for (peppe)Roni - Namesake of the 'Roni Rollers, a club that isn't afraid to ask "What is it like having a 'roni?"

S is for Squid - A special brand of dumbass.

T is for the Ton - "Have you ever gone so fast you could die?"

U is for UTMC. It's not a club, ok?

V is for VX800 - Really, you probably aren't cool enough to ride this bike.

W is for WHIZZ-SPLAT! - The sound you hear 0.5 seconds before a Squid is eligible for reincarnation.

X is for Xtra Cheese, man. Don't be such a cheapskate.

Y is for Year-Round - Which is when I'm able to ride. Ha ha!

Z is for... uh.... Zundapp. I can't believe I remembered that name.

1 comment:

Surly said...

My old man had a Rickman Zundapp. Of course like all his bikes, it never ran. Another classic,Lucky. Keep it up.