Friday, September 02, 2005

About the Suzuki VX800

Since VX800's are pretty rare, I thought I'd talk a little bit about my bike and why you are probably not cool enough to ride it.

In essence, the VX800 is Suzuki's early 90's version of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle. It's not a cruiser, it's not a sportbike, it's not a dirt bike, it's just a motorcycle. Two wheels, handlebars, a motor and not much else.

The VX800 looks kind of crotch-rockety to the untrained eye, but a motorcycle afficianado will notice various subtle differences from sportbikes. The forks are kicked out significantly farther than a typical sportbike. In fact, the front end is much more cruiser than crotch-rocket. The rear wheel is driven by a shaft drive, which sacrifices some performance, but eliminates a lot of maintenance. For those of you who've been following this web log for a while, you'll know that any maintenance spared is most welcome. The seating position is very upright, and the handlebars are pretty high.

The engine is the same as the 750 Intruder, only bored out to 805 cubic centimeters. It's quite torquey, and rumbles nicely. It makes about 46 horsepower, peak, which is plenty for normal street riding. I won't say that I wouldn't like some more power (who wouldn't?), but I'm quite happy with it as it is. The gearing is set up so that one doesn't need to downshift to pass. Just give the throttle a little tweak and away you go. All the power the bike makes is immediately usable. I love that.

There is minimal plastic, which appealed to me because I prefer the streetfighter look to that of a fully-faired bike.

The VX is a practical, reliable (so I hear...) and fun bike. It isn't as flickable as an SV650, but it maneuvers well enough to have a good time carving canyons. For a v-twin, the gas mileage is respectable (appx. 40 - 45 miles to the gallon). It's not flashy, and requires a higher degree of confidence in penile size and ability than many other more popular bikes. I would probably get another VX if I had to do it over again, although I think I'd go for a lower-mileage specimen. The one thing that really bugs me is how hard it is to get parts for it.

Well, I'm pretty tired from a crazy week, so I'm going to go and doze for a while now.


RD said...

how's about a photo. I ride a 94 Katana 600 as a everyday commuter. I enjoy your blog !

Lucky said...

Somehow I lost my digital camera. I'll throw a pic up as soon as I find the camera again.

Katanas are cool. I thought about getting one of those, but then the VX appeared and there was this choir of angels... You know how it goes.

outlaw said...

hi, i have a 1992 vx with 17500 miles it had spend the last 5 yeaqrs in a heated garage befor i bought it i have fitted rickman hard panniers/ flyscreen, new front springs, new rear shocks, i wish that i had know about them years ago:-( i would have bought one then, i sold a vmax to buy it and would not go back,john. ps how do you post a photo?