Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wanna see some pictures of the VX?

Well, you don't get to today. HA HA! I was going to take some pictures last night, but then instead of doing that I helped Baldy-Beard get his scooter rideable again and we went out for a quick 40 mile ride.

Baldy-Beard's exhaust was more or less falling off. He took it in to a local scooter shop to get a new tire put on and they apparently botched the reassembly in a big way. There was one tiny little bracket holding the exhaust onto the scooter. Good thing it held.

It took maybe 20 minutes to get everything bolted up tight (assembly order is one of those fun things that makes everything trickier the first time around...), and his scooter is running well, and quietly, again.

Today, I'm going to order a new front tire, as this weekend we're going up to Flagstaff. Naturally, I'm riding while the everyone else rides in the car. I'm stoked.

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