Thursday, September 15, 2005

The mood-altering and enhancing effects of motorcycling.

I woke up in an unusually good mood today. It was unusual because I'm normally the most pissed off zombie you'll ever see in the morning.

Because of my good mood, my ride to work was extra fun, and I was practically bursting with good will and joy by the time I took off my helmet again. People in the office were a little leery of my toothy grin and hearty cries of "Good Morning!"

They just don't understand.

For me, it is damn hard to get on my bike pissed off, and get off of it still pissed off. Usually, I just need to look at it for a minute or two and I start giggling to myself. If I head out for a ride in a good mood, I'm Sergeant Sunshine when I get off.

I have yet to have anyone tell me they feel that way in their SUV.

For a dramatic change of topic, here's a video that every driver should watch, and every rider should emulate:

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