Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Alpine Pizza Review!

This is the first "Road" review. My usual pizza posse and I needed to get the almighty hell out of Phoenix for a weekend, and I took the opportunity to ride 3 hours to Flagstaff, AZ. Naturally, I had to find a place to get pizza.

The Place: Alpine Pizza,
7 N Leroux St
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
(928) 779-4109

The Posse: Me, Lady Luck, Bo, Baldy-Beard
The Pie: Mexican Pizza

Alpine Pizza was a discovery wrapped up in a surprise. We were checking out the Route 66 Days Car Show (which we didn't know was going on before we got to Flagstaff), and above the rows of gleaming automobiles, I saw.... a sign.

Naturally, I demanded we abandon the car show to the Hawaiian-shirted, Bermuda-shorted tourists and consume as much pizza as possible as rapidly as possible.

My plan worked out remarkably well. Let's get to the review!

Crust - I think the crust was the second best part of this pizza. It tasted good enough that I'd probably eat it on it's own, if I had a side of sauce. On the other hand, it was too crisp and too soft at the same time. I couldn't really fold it taco style, but it wouldn't hold itself up. I feel that pizza needs to be eaten without cutlery, so you can see my dilemma. 3 Crying Luckies.

Sauce - The sauce was easily the best part of the pizza. It was spicy, and there was almost enough to please me. As always, I could have gone for more sauce. 4 Crying Luckies.

Toppings - The toppings were this pizzas weakest point. I'm hoping that they just make a lousy mexican pizza. There was plenty of cheese, and it was good, but the rest of the toppings were boring. I didn't need to pick them off, but they didn't make me leap out of my seat and cheer. 2.5 Crying Luckies.

Ambience - This place is cool cool cool. There was wood everywhere, and all of the wood was carved up with people's names, statements of love, and obscenities. They had an ok juke box (No Dio or Elvis? WTF?), but more importantly they had a pool table. I would cheerfully spend an evening eating a crappy pizza in a place like this, as long as they kept the beer coming, and Alpine Pizza's pizza was fairly decent. 4 Crying Luckies

Overall, Alpine Pizza gets a solid 3.5 Crying Luckies. I would go back, and would remember this place if I was in Flagstaff looking for a place to hang out with a bunch of friends, some of whom are not of drinking age.

Now, let's talk about the ride. I took the less-scenic route on my way to Flagstaff, but "less scenic" isn't bad. Basically I took I-17 the whole way. One doesn't need to exit, as 17 dumps you out in town. I parked on San Francisco Blvd and walked the 2 blocks over to Leroux St. 17 is a good road to ride really fast on, except for the parts marked "rough road." They aren't kidding. If you have the time I'd recommend riding up 89A to Flagstaff. It's very, very twisty.

While in Flagstaff, I rode up and back down Snowbowl Road, which is a great ride. It's quite twisty, with lots of opportunities for knee-dragging. The ride to and in Flagstaff gets 5 Crying Luckies. I didn't ever want to get off of my bike, and rode almost 450 miles over the weekend.

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