Monday, August 08, 2005

Incredible Luck. Also, a Friend I'll Never Meet.

This weekend a man I barely knew and never met in person died after being critically injured in a motorcycle crash. I had talked to him a couple times about motorcycle tech stuff by email and on the UTMC bulletin board. In his conversations with me and others he was always helpful, encouraging and deeply passionate about motorcycles.

I'm sorry I'll never get to ride with him.

Recently another UTMCer, Dewey, committed suicide. I had never met him either. Even if you've never talked to him/her, it's shocking and sad when a member of your community passes on.

It's getting to be monsoon season here in Phoenix. I went out riding last night, and managed to avoid getting wet, though I got to see a couple of awesome rainbows and a dramatic thunderstorm in the distance. Today I made it to work just before it started raining, and it stopped raining shortly before I left work for the day.

As I rode, I wondered if Abadon and other fallen riders are watching out for the rest of us who are still out there riding. I hope in the next life that there are plenty of twisty roads and cheap gas for all my friends I'll never meet.

Keep the rubber side down, everyone.

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