Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Big Ol' Thunderstorm

Ordinarily, talking about the weather in Phoenix is pretty boring. A fella can only comment on how sunny it is a couple times before people lose it. It's getting closer and closer to monsoon season here in Phoenix, however. We've had some mild storms recently, but last night was the first big one. Thunder, lightning, wind and a substantial downpour that lasted for more than a minute.

Lady Luck and I stood on our balcony watching the storm and waiting to see Baldy-Beard come splashing down the street on his scooter on his way home from work. After about ten minutes we gave up and went back inside.

It was raining and blowing so hard for so long I felt compelled to give Baldy-Beard a call to see if he needed a ride home from work or wherever he was stopped. He didn't answer, so I called over to his house to see if Bo had heard anything from him. I was fairly shocked when he answered the phone. Somehow he managed to get out of work early enough that he missed the rain and only had to contend with some wind.

I was rather disappointed.

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