Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Somewhat Nifty Return!

Ok, so I'm back.

The trip went well. Pizza was consumed, a motorcycle was ridden, and rain was seen.

First things first: the bike. The bike belongs to my wife's step-father. It's a Yamaha v-star 1100 that he bored out to 1500 ccs. I was expecting neck-snapping launches, but instead I got a very smooth (and loud, due to custom pipes) ride. I was a little disappointed, because I like neck-snapping launches. Perhaps I was just too nice to it. It handled better than I thought a bike that big would. Anyway, it was a nice bike, and fun to ride, but it just didn't get my adrenaline going.

Next: the pizza. This isn't an "official" review, as I didn't RIDE to the pizza place. I just want to make sure that's clear. I'll talk about my rules for "official-ness" later.

Ok, so the place was called Sarpino's. Our chum Wolfie (HI WOLFIE!) recommended it, and he didn't lead me astray. They're located in Otsego, MN (which is right outside of Sh*t-Splat-Nowhere, from what I could tell). They've got a few other locations too, and I seriously hope they aren't a soulless corporate chain because they make a MEAN pie. Quality toppings, spicy sauce, good crust. The pizza was delivered, so I don't know what the restaurant itself was like. I'd like to imagine that it was run by a crew of mohawked freaks, but the delivery guy looked awfully wholesome.

And now for some REALLY important news, I should be getting the part I need for my VX in the next few days. I'm just about jumping up and down with excitement. Also, I should have some photos soon.

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