Sunday, March 02, 2008

Seedy Biker Movie Trailer of the Week

I don't know if it's the bad soundtrack, the creepy narrator, or the bad lighting, but this trailer for "Girl On A Motorcycle" shows no skin, yet somehow leaves the viewer feeling very dirty indeed.

Films like these make you realize John Waters' satires are spot on.


irondad said...

I happened to see this movie at the insistence of my brother. They used some sort of process to keep the outlines but scrambled all kinds of weird colors to obscure details. Did they call it "ionization"? Can't remember. I wasn't overly impressed with the movie or the plot as a whole. Hated the ending, being a trainer!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Um... Er?

Felt like soft-core. Oi!

Lucky said...

Irondad - I've never seen the movie, just the trailer. Can I assume the free-living woman gets her comeuppance and wrecks her bike?

Good lord, I'm cynical.

I think the process your thinking of is "posterization." Gotta love those psychedelic movie tricks!

Michelle - yeah, nothing says "exploitation flick" like motorcycles and liberated women.

irondad said...

Yeah, she ends up riding with no helmet. Looking everywhere but where's she riding, Blondie pulls out to pass and then ends up hitting a jeep type vehicle head on. I can't remember every detail it's been so long. I think the movie cuts out as she's flying over the hood. I have this vague memory of a quick funeral scene or something that puts you in mind that she dies.