Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Ural MIR Unveiled!

Get a load of this sweet bike.
Photo swiped from the Ural website.
Ural has whipped up a pretty sweet special edition this year. They've named it MIR. It comes with a glittery paint job, solar panel (for tending the battery and powering aux. stuff), auxiliary lighting, windscreens for rider and monkey, and a huge wrench.

Honestly, I'm pretty tickled with this new special edition. Maybe it's because it's space-themed, or maybe just because it comes with a huge wrench strapped to the sidecar.

Which is even better than a Pendleton blanket.

Nicely done, Ural!


Richard M said...

So, did you place your order yet? And have you looked at the "special repair instructions" yet?

mq01 said...

suddenly thinking;
monkey? wheres the monkey?...
my, hmm, now doesnt that look like a sporty?

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I like it!! Let me know when you're going to pick yours up.

A Katy Did Gig said...

I like it too!!

VStar Lady said...

Very nice ... Are you planning on switching paint jobs?

Charlie6 said...

I like the look of the paint job, and that 36mm wrench could be useful in terms of beating some part into need to carry a BFH perhaps?

Trobairitz said...

I think they are getting pretty creative with their special editions. I like he white color though.

Lucky said...

Richard M - No, a new Ural still isn't in my budget. I did watch the instructional video however. It really fit with my expectations for maintaining such a carefully engineered machine.

MQ01 - Now that you mention it, it does look like a Sporty. I gather that the monkey isn't included in the price. ;D

Coop - I can't swing a new bike right now, but I have to admit this one is very tempting.

KT - It just looks like a blast!

VStar Lady - I wouldn't dare!

Charlie6 - I was kind of thinking the same thing. The Ural site describes it as a "multi-disciplinary wrench." I suspect my military buddies would suggest all that's needed is a roll of high-speed tape to go along with it.

Trobairitz - They really are. But, if they're going to make a special edition, they might as well go all out with it. :)