Thursday, February 27, 2014

One Solution to the Parked Motorcycle Problem

Being demonstrated: How it's done.

I love everything about this pic. Sweet looking bike.  Righteous stompy boots.  Notice there is a belt driving the front roller. You know, to get both wheels spinning. Freakin' genius.

I want to know what the story is with the bike.  Is that a twist clutch?  Is that tiny vertical lever in front of her shin the shifter?  Does this thing even have brakes?

I need one of these contraptions in my garage.

[Pic courtesy of the Minnesota Historical Society]


Trobairitz said...

She is looking pretty bad-ass.

When the weather is too poor to ride, I just sit on the bike in the garage and make vroom vroom noises. That only works for so long though.

Richard M said...

Cool, rollers. I had a set that I used for bicycle training on really bad days. They were only about 20" wide and had a hefty rubber band driving the front roller to keep your front wheel spinning. You learn to ride very, very smoothly and straight. It's great for balance. Once you get some speed even a small steering change would send you off the side of the rollers. After using it for training rides, I found that I was able to ride my road bicycle for miles and miles staying within the width of the painted fog line on the road.

So its either one of those or a sidecar rig for you?

bob skoot said...


somehow I think you would be happier with one of those new URALs you had been dreaming about

but a neat contraption

A weekend photographer
Riding the Wet Coast

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

Let me know when you get one in the garage Lucky. I'd like to see it. I'd like to see you AND it. :)

VStar Lady said...

Cool - lap pool for motorcycles.

mq01 said...

i want her trousers, and the bike, oh hell and her boots... :) i just love this pic! hmm, is that the wheel of death i spy behind and overhead?!…

Canajun said...

That is a great picture. And I think Ms. M is right - looks like a promo shot for the wheel of death. Very cool.

Erik said...

I think that old bike has what is sometimes referred to as a "jockey shifter" and a "suicide clutch".
Yes, the gears were changed by hand, the short lever, and the clutch was foot operated.
That quite a set of rollers there. I've seen rollers like Richard described, but never an industrial set like she's riding on!

Lucky said...

Trobairitz - That solution is probably a lot less expensive and certainly takes up a lot less storage space.

Richard M - That's cool! I didn't realize they made such a thing. I've seen rollers for the back wheel before, but not ones that get the front going too.

After the winter we've been having here, just staying in my cozy garage on rollers sounds like a wise move.

Bob Skoot - The new Urals are hard to resist.

Coop - If I get one set up, I'll let you have a go on it. :)

Vstar Lady - Exactly, only way less work. I wonder if it stays exciting longer than a lap pool? :)

MQ01 - Nicely spotted. I hadn't put together that she was in front of/under a wheel of death.

Hmm. I wish the state fair still had one of those. Now we just have a concert by Weird Al annually. Not to knock Weird Al, of course...

Canajun - It is cool. Having it be part of a show makes sense. I was imagining it as an attraction at the fair. "Ride this motorcycle! 2 tickets" But that probably wouldn't have flown even back then.

Erik - I suspect you're right, though I notice a cable coming from the left grip. That's why I was wondering if it was the clutch. I sure wish there were more details readily available about this photo.