Thursday, October 03, 2013

Vicious Teasing From Ural

Image swiped from Ural's Twitter feed.

See, they promise they're going to unveil the new hotness on Monday, but then they delay the release for a week. But they can't just let a fella cool off for a few days. Oh no! They've got to go and post a photo of the blanket that's going to come with the bike.

My checkbook is currently under lock and key, because it won't stop poking me and telling me to just get the bike already.

I don't ordinarily get excited about the unveiling of a new motorcycle, and it's odd that I'm all excited about the unveiling of a motorcycle that, let's be honest, hasn't been "new" for a really, really long time. But the fact is, I'm on the edge of my darned seat.

On the one hand, I'm probably setting myself up for disappointment. I'm definitely torturing myself - I can't buy a bike right now. As such, I'm kind of hoping the unveiling will be a let down.

But based on the high level of awesomeness they presented with the Yamal... I don't think it will be.


Charlie6 said...

Having already been assimilated by the dark side....I can't help you.

Recently saw detailed pictures of the 2014 pre-production model and I feel your pain.

But then I take a ride on my 2011 Patrol, and all is right with the world for a little while anyways....

Charlie6 said...

and another link from the "I'm only here to help" department: Urals and Snow

Richard M said...

It sounds like you finished off the whole batch of Ural kool-aide. Was it cherry?

Tina Walker said...

While in Minneapolis we met a couple from Russia and had dinner with them. Ana is our ad client with one of our larger sites. She is actually from Ural.

She says that Russians laugh at silly Americans for riding Urals because they believe THEIR OWN MOTORCYCLES to be terrible crapcycles.

Sorry, but I adore you Lucky and I wanted to tell you.

She said they knowing sell them with defective parts, the motorcycles have such a terrible reputation of being faulty and unreliable that Russians won't buy them, and the big joke in the region of Ural is that they factory only stays in business because American's believe silly hype.


You know I wouldn't lie to you. I'm sorry.

Hugs and smooches!

mq01 said...

speaking of teasing! .. ooh that yamal .. dang it lucky!

Chris Cope said...

Maybe just buy a fancy blanket and strap it to the back of your Triumph.

FYI: Fairibault blankets come from a 100-percent American mill, producing goods from start to finish under one roof. In Minnesota.

Canajun said...

Boy, you've got it bad!

Trobairitz said...

Ural is going to reveal it little by little, piece by piece in a tantalizing dance with the hopes you will be throwing dollar bills at it and drooling with want as you tuck more money under its throttle cable and seat.


red said...

The major stumbling point for me isn't the old tech, it's the high price you pay for that old tech.

That doesn't stop me from lusting after a Gear-Up.

Lucky said...

Charlie6 - Thanks for the link, that was a great article.

Richard M - It was cherry.

Tina - I believe you, though I find I like these bikes the same way I like Ducati. I know better, but I still want one.

mq01 - Tell me about it. I'd ride the wheels off the Yamal, and then use that paddle it comes with to keep going...

Chris Cope - That is excellent advice. I looked at the Faribault blankets, and they don't excite me as much as Pendleton's offerings, though they clearly are an excellent product and, of course, Minnesota-made.

Canajun - I know it. I have, in fact, been avoiding reading much more about them because I keep getting too worked up and I start looking for ways to rationalize the purchase.

However, I have some other goals that have to be taken care of prior to buying a cranky Russian motorcycle...

Trobairitz - You described it exactly. I won't be surprised if they keep delaying the announcement for two more weeks.

Red - They're not cheap, but they're so darned pretty...