Wednesday, October 09, 2013

My Single-Handed Wisconsin Invasion Was a Success

"More straight roads? You've got to be freaking joking, Lucky."
"Patience, Triumph.  There are curves ahead."
The Top Three Reasons to Invade Wisconsin:
1. They have cheese.
2. They have better roads than Minnesota.
3. There's just something about Wisconsin. I don't know what it is, but that state is just asking to be invaded. 

Two weekends ago the weather was good and I was dying to get some miles on my new tires, so I decided to cross over to Wisconsin and ride south along the river until I could cross back into Red Wing, Minnesota. I did a bad job of counting the miles between fuel stops, but I think I got somewhere between 150 and 180 desperately needed miles in that day.

I don't have a whole lot to say about what was really just a pleasant day trip, so enjoy some photos.

"Yes, yes, very scenic, Lucky.  Can we get to the curves?"
Back on the west side of the Middle Coast
Coffee was desperately needed by the time I got to Red Wing
"I call dibs on the town, Lucky.  You have to find your own."
Close to home again.  I don't think I need to explain this one.


Richard M said...

I wonder what the Triumph will have to say if a shiny Ural showed up in the garage.

Nice photos and it looks like a nice day out. Did you find enough windy roads? And what are all of those cars doing in your parking spots?

KT Did said...

Never been there and would love to go. Thanks for the pics. Luckys parking... perfect!

mq01 said...

HAH! hmm, triumph talks back almost as much as my bob. so, lucky, did you give her what she was seeking? btw, great pics!

Trobairitz said...

At least you are close enough to invade another state without traveling too far. I shouldn't complain - Richard has to ride further to invade another State/province.

Sounds like a fun place to invade for a ride. Coffee, curves, and sunshine..

Anonymous said...

Assignment well done Commander! I see you've retrieved the photos we asked for. Now return to base for your next secret assignment!

Lucky said...

Richard M - I did find some nice tight curves on my way to the hill above Red Wing.

KT Did - Thanks! Wisconsin does seem to be the place around here for outdoor recreation, particularly of the motorized variety.

mq01 - Thanks! Yes, I got to put her through her paces for a little bit.

Trobairitz - It all balances out. I have a much longer drive to the ocean than you...

Steve Johnson - What, no R&R between missions? Well, I knew it was a tough job when I signed up...

bob skoot said...


what's not to like about finding smoother roads and a sunny day.

and being with a bike that talks your language

Riding the Wet Coast

Coop a.k.a. Coopdway said...

I could have captioned the photos for you.....glad that I didn't have to. Welcome to Red Wing!

Lucky said...

Bob Skoot - There's not much better, that's for sure.

Coop - Thanks! I love Red Wing, I need to get back and really explore that town one of these days.

SonjaM said...

I am virtually with you on the invasion. I also feel the odd desire to show up there and have a look (not in winter though...)

Lucky said...

SonjaM - It's gorgeous in the winter too, just a heck of a lot colder. ;)

Erik said...

Before I moved up to northern WI, I used to live in Prescott. That was right at the start of some great riding area. I often miss the twisty "alphabet roads" of Pierce, Pepin, Buffalo and Trempeleau counties!