Friday, October 11, 2013

Can Someone Tell Me What The Deal Is With Rallies?

This picture has nothing to do with the post, but
just look at that sweet bike.  And look, airplanes!
Just a little fun for you today. First up, I gather there was recently a Ural rally, which was like a scavenger hunt on sidehacks. Cool! Dom mentioned it on his blog recently, and I thought it sounded like a blast. This guy made a pretty cool video that I can't figure out how to embed, so you'll have to cruise over there to watch it.

Fuzzy also recently mentioned something called The Void. Again, apparently a scavenger hunt on motorcycles.

I am intrigued.

A brief internet search turned up something called the Minnesota 1000. Details are scarce, but it appears to perhaps be somehow affiliated with the Iron Butt folks. Or the folks involved just happen to also be involved with IBA. Anyway, it's a 1000+ mile scavenger hunt in 24 hours.

Interesting, though I'm not sure I can handle a 1000 mile day on the Speed Four. Well, I should be honest, I won't know if I can handle a 1000 mile day on any bike until I try it, but I do know that 420 miles in one day on the Triumph was, shall we say, unpleasant by the end.

So my question for you, my internet friends, is: how do I find info about more of these to participate in? Leave a comment and clue me in.


jason.ewert said...

Pick up a copy of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly or stop in at Diamond's cafe, Bob's Java Hut, or Blue Cat Motors. :)

Trobairitz said...

I have no idea - never been there or done that.

I give big clappy hands to those that participate though.

I think some of the ones I've read about through other blogs sound really cool even if I'd never attempt them myself.

Hopefully someone else will pipe up with some info for you.

jason.ewert said...

This is not a race, but it IS a dam good time. I have to say that this is not an organized event so you're on your own (legally speaking) if anything goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

Visit motorcycle dealers, motorcycle shops, or biker bars, and pick up copies of local biker magazines. They all have a Calendar of Events for local area. You could look online too, but it seems print still has more info on this sort of thing.

Damien said...


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Lucky said...

Jason Ewert - Thanks for the tips!

Trobairitz - I know there are some that I'd never try too, but it's always fascinating to read about them.

Steve Johnson - Thanks for the advice!

Damien - Thanks, but I'm not looking for advertising.