Tuesday, October 22, 2013

1199 TerraCorsa - Because Every Bike Is Better With Knobbies

I know I have recently indicated a mild interest in Ural.  And, I may have sort of implied that given the choice between a new Buell, and a new Ducati, I'd be strongly considering the Buell.

But that's because I hadn't seen this fantastic monstrosity.

I gotta be honest... that is crazy awesome and I want it.

Thanks to MotoLady for bringing this to my attention.


Erik said...

Maybe a set of Continental TKC80 tires on my Zx-14 for winter time riding. No, probably not, too much ice and not enough suspension travel for off-roading... But then again..

Trobairitz said...

So many bikes......so little time.

Or is that little money and little garage space .....and ....and.

Lucky said...

Erik - Please do it and make a video.

Trobairitz - Time, money, garage space... I guess I've got my hands full with the one bike. But there are so many pretty, pretty bikes out there, and someone has to love them.

mq01 said...

pretty, but, they're spendy, finicky, they don't fit me, oh and i watched my uncle beat one Duc to shit already. i'm sure they must be female! therefore, Ducs are not for me. :)

but, it is pretty lucky.