Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The VX800 is Gone

Trailer queen?
 On Friday night the VX800 shipped off to its new home.  The new owner apparently didn't waste any time getting to work on it, and had it running again the following morning.  He's promised photos when the bike is roadworthy again.

Suddenly, there is a lot of room in my garage.  Kind of gets the old brain churning a bit.  Kind of makes a fella feel like undertaking a new project.

Maybe a sailboat.



bobskoot said...


You mean your old, run-down, VX is running ?

that was easy !

Riding the Wet Coast

Canajun said...

Nature abhors a vaccuum, and that's what you've got in your garage right now. Looking forward to seeing how you fill it.

Lucky said...

bobskoot - That's what I mean. Self-knowledge tells me, however, that I would probably never have gotten it running. I just didn't make working on it a priority, and it wasn't ever going to be a priority. Best to let someone who wants it have it.

Canajun - That's what I'm thinking. I am also looking forward to filling it.

Brady Steffl said...


I know what you mean, only there isn't much room in my garage - I'm always thinking about ways to arrange things to squeeze in something new. My wife is always there to remind me that I'm going senile at a very young age if I think there is a new bike before a new car.

Can't complain.

Behind Bars

red said...

The VXs are cool bikes. There was one on my list before I settled on the SECA.